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Geronimo Stilton – The way of the samurai

Wild Willie and I were off to Japan in search of a legendary ancient samurai scroll that holds the secret to a long-lost fighting technique. The scroll had fallen into the wrong hands, and it was up to us to track it down and save the day. But first, we would have to fight a group of talented ninjas. Holey cheese - This would be one adventure I would never forget.

Junie B. Jones – monkey business by Barbara Park

               LAUGH YOURSELF SILLY WITH THE  WORLD'S FUNNIEST KID! It's pooey on B-A-B-I-E-S until ..... Junie B. Jones finds out that her new baby brother is a big deal. Her two bestest friends are giving her everything they own just to see him. And guess what else? Maybe she can bring him to school on pet day.

Little women by geronimo stilton

There were never four sisters more different than the  March mice. There's ladylike Meg; rambunctious Jo; sweet, shy Beth; and delicate but determined Amy. Together with their next-door neighbor and friend, Laurie, these four mice spend their days laughing, playing, and growing up together.  join them in this mouserific tale of friendship and fun!

Surfing for secrets – Geronimo Stilton

A mysterious rodent has been shipwrecked on mouse island. He is a prehistoric pirate, and he is searching for a